etsy swap 2013

when the opportunity to participate in a etsy swap came my way, i was eager to join in (thanks meg & amy!) i mean, i always want to buy myself stuff on etsy but rarely let myself – but buying gifts for someone else?! that is totally in the budget! 
this swap was kinda like secret santa but just not Christmas time. i has someone who i secretly bought a gift for and someone else had me and secretly sent me some goodies. it creates one big circle so we all give and we all get. exciting! i wanted to share with you both sides of the process 🙂
to Sarah Grace – blog. shop. twitter. instagram

1. whatever is lovely print – lindsay letters
2.  mint turban wrap headband – the poppy chain
3.  pink party straws – little free radical

from Heather – blog

1. wooden love sign :: manwood
2. i heart photography cards :: pen & paint


Author: Oak & Oats

  • Megan McIlvaine

    Yay etsy swap! Love all of your gifts! Those pink straws?? Totes presh. Thanks for participating, bestie! 🙂

  • Judy Beltrez

    this is so freaking cute!!! lol i love it!

  • Cute!! I love seeing what people received from the swap!

  • Sarah Grace Chastain

    Thank you so much for my sweet package! I absolutely adore each and every piece! I'm so glad to know you and your blog through this swap!

  • tell me about it!

  • i know! I love the wood and pretty- ness of it!

  • oh girl! i know. I have WAY too many things sitting in my check out basket!

  • me too. it is so fun 🙂

  • thanks Sarah! you are the sweetest. I am glad that I finally get to follow you on instagram & your blog – i wanted to right away but i didn't want to be super obvious! lol.

  • 🙂 you should participate next time!