Four Wedding Gift Rules to Live By

i am obsessed with anthropologie but really, who isn’t?! one of my dear friends (and my husband “womb mate”/ childhood bestie ) is getting married in a couple weeks and also happens to be in love with anthropologie as well! which means she registered for her wedding there. which means i have spent hours “shopping” on their website! i am a huge fan of gifts of all kinds and i put a lot of thought into each gift i give. “thought” does not mean it is always wrapped perfectly cute, seeing that i never wrap any of my husbands gifts… but it means i love buying gifts that i know the recipients will LOVE.

because i have had a wedding of my own, i have “wedding gift rules” that i stick to so that i know i am giving a gift that the couple will enjoy and be thankful for:

1. gift cards & money are most practical and always the best answer if you are a little unsure

2. if you want a gift to wrap or want to get something more personal, stick to the registry! feel free to pick up a little extra goodies that go with the items you bought of the registry (ie: pick up a recipe book to go with the crockpot or include your favorite teas & coffees to go with the coffee mugs) but i know first hand how great it is to get things you asked for!

3. if you want to “go outside of the box” with a gift you still MUST include a little something from the registry or money or gift cards just incase they do not like your random gift. this is so iffy and i only recommend it if you know the couple REALLY well! wedding gifts are all practically house things and each person has different taste. this is not a bad thing. i know i have friends who would never decorate their house the way i do and visa versa and that is okay! but when you buy a gift that you like for someone to hang in their house – the chances are they won’t like it. i had a box of wedding gifts that i could not return but i didn’t want to put in my house because they were not my style – they all went to goodwill. if you want your gift to be valued i suggest staying away from the grey areas.


with this bridal shower i went with #2 – registry and little fun extras. i mean how can you not go with the registry when they are registered at anthro!?! and because the husband’s rule always applies to us due to the fact the gift is from OUR money, i also went with #4. i found their dish set online and ordered their super cute plates! bruce even encouraged me to help them buy their dish set because he was so thankful we got all of ours! since i am a procrastinator, i ordered the dishes the night before the shower so i had to get a little creative with my gift packaging!

Author: Oak & Oats

  • Megan McIlvaine

    anthro, cute cards, and washi tape=totes cute. i know from firsthand experience that you give great gifts 🙂

  • Laura @

    As a newly wed who just went through all this, I think your points are so important! Great post and great ideas! Keep sharing!

  • Mar

    What a cute idea! As a newlywed, I can't argue with these rules, especially #1. We have enough to furnish a small house, but don't yet have that house, so money always works.

  • AnotherCleanSlate

    Very cool idea! I like the mix of cute and practical.

  • I've started going super practical with gifts. They don't seem like the most fun, but they're always well received because my friend is like, "We needed those!" Great tips!

  • Great tips! Totally agree on the practical! It was always slightly awkward when we got gifts that we had no idea what to do with.

  • thanks Laura!

  • yeah! money was really my favorite wedding gift!

  • yes. and i feel bad for giving them to goodwill but i don't know what else to do with them!

  • i think the older/ more aware of our finances we get the more we value practical.

  • thanks!

  • I love all of the little details. <3 It's all about details.

  • Kristyn @ Milk + Crown

    Perfect tips! I think it's always best to get what's on the registry, too. They wouldn't ask for it if they didn't definitely want it 🙂

  • Susannah

    Your tips are too true! It was a little annoying when people bought Nate and me things that weren't on our registry because I don't know if there was a single thing we liked that hadn't been on our registry. Those dishes are amazing!

  • Great "rules" I would definitely agree! Worst idea–regifting your own wedding presents. We actually got a mixer that was regifted twice!! There was a wedding card inside the mixer box for 2 names we didn't recognize. When we asked the couple who gave it to us they admit that those people have THEM the mixer for their wedding. How awkward!