healthy living // it’s all good: meal #3

when i discovered gewneth paltrow’s new cookbook “it’s all good” i just had to get my hands on it! in pure excitement i shared it with you all and let you know that my dear friend meredith & i were going to attempt to get together once a week over the summer and make a meal for our men from this pretty little cookbook – THIS IS OUR JOUNEY:

MEAL #3 : 
Carrots with Black Sesame + Ginger (page 161) 
*****5 STARS. 
this one gets five stars only because i never expected them to be so delicious!! seriously. i hate cooked carrots and i took seconds (and even thirds) on these guys!
Teriyaki Chicken (page 96) 
****4 STARS. 
pretty juicy and delish! who doesn’t love a little grilled meat?! the teriyaki turned out pretty baller too! 
Kale Chips  (page 246) 
*** 3.5 STARS
i liked them but i didn’t like them. i couldn’t stop eating them but i didn’t want another one. kale chips are such an oxymoron! they were not as bad as i thought but i don’t think i would want to make them again… well maybe i would!  
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Author: Oak & Oats