thrive // thank you notes

i love thank you notes & i feel the need to send them as much as possible. weddings – for sure. birthdays – of course. any other random act of kindness – i’m on it. now before you start stressing because you never thanked me for that email that one day, please know that i do not expect them (but i still enjoy them if you want to send love notes my way ;)).

i find that a lot of the ways i like to GIVE love are not necessarily the way i NEED love. i NEED physical touch and quality time but i GIVE in gifts and acts of service (i’m talking 5 love languages talk – if you have not read the book you should for sure check it out!) all that to say that i love sending letters and enjoy getting mail but i don’t expect to always get thank you notes in the mail!

i am very excited because today is my first day off that i don’t have other work i should be trying to do, or an event to plan, or emails to send, or a million other social obligations. today is me and the laundry. me and my book. me and some beautiful & new thank you cards i found at target. i have a lot of people in mind that i just want to send a little thank you to.

how do you feel about thank you cards?
do you ALWAYS or NEVER send them? or is only for those out of town?
i would love to hear your thoughts!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • I just got married a little over a month ago and I am so horrible at sending out the thank you cards! I wish I was better at it, I think it is great that you take time to send out cards!

  • those thank you cards are sooo pretty! & i'm the same way with the love language thing – i need to receive it as quality time/physical touch, but i love giving gifts to show my love.

  • Super cute thank you cards! I LOVE thank you cards…I use them ALL THE TIME. They are such a simple way to let others know you appreciate them and care. I need to play catch up on some thank you notes.

  • What gorgeous cards! I hope you have an amazing day – just you and the things you want to do. πŸ™‚

  • i never send thank you cards but I probably should! These are beautiful.

  • Thank you cards are so great! There are some people that I always send them too. I think writing any kind of letter is lovely.

  • I love cards, notes, thank you cards anything in the mail!! I ALWAYS send thank you cards (I love personalized stationary) and try to send cards in general. My husband and I dated through letter writing and it is def a lost art. We have boxes of letters that we wrote to each other while we are dating and they are so special. He still writes me letters on occasion now and i love it!

  • I love thank you notes, it's always nice to know that whatever you've done is appreciated. Hand written letters are such a treasure, I just wrote a blog post about them not too long ago!

  • thats so sweet of you to send out a pretty little thank you note just because πŸ™‚ I bet people are so pleasantly surprised to receive them. My mom always taught us to write thank you notes for birthdays and Christmas and such. These ones are darling!

  • i so love thank you notes as well! it always feels better to give them (for me at least)
    these are so cute!

  • J.

    I love these!
    Really pretty!

    I don't send out thank you cards nearly enough, but it's really something I should get better at!

  • I loooove thank you cards! I wish people would send them out more often, they're so appreciated!