Rockies & Wine

LOCATION: Colorado
DETAILS: Rockies Tank (Old, Similar) || Sexy Boyfriend Denim Shorts || Mint Cardigan 
Majority of my life you will find me wearing something like this. Shorts & a t-shirt / tank with a cardigan just in case of the Colorado chill. Comfortable, simple, and cute. I admire and enjoy all the fun & complex outfits I see people in but if “work casual” is not mandatory, I throw on some shorts, pull a top out of the closet, & slip on my chacos
In our world it is so easy to get caught up in who we think we should be (OR maybe it is just me but I highly doubt that). I love Savannah of Maiedae’s bold & bright outfit posts and classic & bubbly sure lives up to her name! Her outfits & make-up are always so classic & bubbly! 
I look at my Colorado Rockies number and even wonder if it is worth blogging about. It is just me, no make-up, chipping nail polish, the same watch & rings as always, even my signature hair tie just in case! “How can a simple outfit inspire?” I wonder. 
The funny thing is that I already know the answer. It is ME, no one else, and I think that inspires. That is why Savannah can pull off anything AND classic & bubbly always glows in her posts. It is not about being perfect, OR looking perfect, OR having perfect make-up & hair… it is about being YOU!
So here I am and I hope that this little post encourages you to be YOU. And possibly also support your favorite sports team! 
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Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • You are too cute! I think style is how we express ourselves and I've loved all the outfits you've posted. I can't wait to get back to the states so I can start doing better style posts. 🙂


  • I love how happy and cute these pictures are!
    I'm your new follower and I can't wait to read all your wonderful posts.

    ~With much love, Rebekah

  • I love your cute and casual style. I think it's perfect to show off who you truly are. 🙂

  • i love you, your style, and the fact that you stay true to yourself. never change, beth joy.

  • I love your pictures because they're always so very you!
    And I love your style!

  • Amy

    i love our style…everything! Your clothing, your writing, your heart…it IS ALL YOU. 🙂 That is what makes it all so special.

  • You're so cute! This is totally me too. Jeans and a tank top most of the time. Hair in a messy bun 🙂