New Growth

I am blessed by the little things today. Like the beautiful buds on my succulents that grew & bursted with little help of my own (I am supposed to water every other week and I still forget sometimes. oops). Most of you know I am a Colorado girl and most of you also know Colorado is on fire (again). I wrote my evacuation story last year as the waldo canyon fire rushed into my neighborhood and I mentally prepared myself to loose everything – if you missed that last year you can read them all here. It rocked me to my core. this year feels like the same all over again.

Whether it is physical ashes or emotional ashes – He makes beautiful things. And new growth can always come. I hope & pray that you are encouraged in some little way – to look for the good and to see the new growth.

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Amy

    Yay for budding succulents…
    …praying for all of y'all in the fires path..hopefully they will get it under control.

  • So scary! Wow. But God is with you.

  • Praying for you!

  • I love them! I really need to get myself some succulents! 🙂

  • Praying for you and all of Colorado girl. That's scary stuff!

  • Love!

  • Be safe! Prayers! Those pictures are so cristal clear and beautiful!