healthy living & breakfast time

we all know that mornings can get a little hectic. the alarm is always hard to listen too and we can hit snooze even in our sleep. then there is getting dressed, bad hair days, showers, and attempting to be on time. some of us have jobs that we are rushing off to (making sure to account for rush hour) and others of us have multiple kids to feed and dress before school, appointments, and errands. we wake up in a rush. 
when we are rushing through our mornings (let’s be honest) it is easy to cut out breakfast time. it is also easy for us to sleep that extra 15 minutes instead of allowing those 15 minutes to be a quiet, breakfast time. they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day – i agree. it jump starts  your metabolism, gives you that burst of energy you body needs after not eating all night, and it also forces you to sit down. 
breakfasts are important to me. i value my coffee time in the early morning when i can rest before the rush begins. i challenge you to enjoy breakfast time – see the difference in makes in your attitude. yes, the rush will begin but it doesn’t have to yet. you can set the alarm for 15 minutes earlier and eat a bowl of greek yogurt with fruit & granola while you sip on a fresh cup of french press coffee. 
when you start in a stressful rush, it is hard to break but the calmness of a couple minutes all to yourself can energize you to engage the rest of the day. 


Author: Oak & Oats

  • yes! that is summer yummy, and super healthy! me need to start looking on my eating habits as well 🙂

  • nothing like starting the day with a healthy meal! we usually opt for cold oatmeal but who could resist that granola!

  • I want to try greek yogurt so bad!! I have heard so many good things and it looks even better with granola and fresh fruit!

  • What a great challenge to take on this summer! Seriously, I am 100% guilty of rushing through my mornings–so remembering to start off my day slow + relaxed sounds just lovely.

    And granola, fresh berries, and greek yogurt? Best breakfast ever. 🙂

  • that breakfast looks amazing! similar to mine yesterday. i did not used to eat breaky, but have found it is super important, especially going to work early & working 12 hour shifts…

  • In theory I love this time, but it is so hard for me to get up and out of bed in time! Luckily I have a flexible job so I have time for breakfast when I get there…but it would be nice to try a bit harder to have that time at home.

  • that looks (and sounds) a million times better than grabbing a granola bar and eating it in the car! something which i am really good at when life gets busy…

    and ya just gave me a cravin for raspberries! yum. 🙂

  • Another great easy breakfast with many of those same ingredients… smoothies!

    I pre-cut my fruit and freeze them in ziplock bags so in the morning I toss it into my single serve ninja and go!

    2 parts fruit to 1 part yogurt plus a squirt of honey = simply delicious!