tips & tricks for the Whole30

as most of you know, the mister and i just got done with the whole30 and it has changed the way we live, eat, and grocery shop. for real. you can follow our journey to healthier living here. many of you have asked how we made it 30 days without sugar, sweets, dairy, grains, rolls, and all that goodness. granted some moments were hard but it was surprisingly easy to beat the cravings. here are some of my go-to tips with fighting the temptation to eat cookie dough or give up on the cleanse:

1. GO FRUITY: when you are craving sweets you might be surprised how easily that craving can be met with fruit. i am a huge dessert person and every night after dinner i wanted a little more something before bed. i came up with a couple go-to desserts for those sweet cravings

– toasted coconut.
– baked apple slices with cinnamon sprinkled on top
– a bowl of apple sauce with cinnamon and raspberries
– a cup of juice or some iced tea with frozen berries in it

bruce loved the toasted coconut, where i loved the baked apple slices. find your treat and enjoy it! (guilt free!!)

2. HOME MAKE IT: when you are missing those potato chips or that mayo in your chicken salad, try to think (or google) if you can make that with approved ingredients on your own. we made burgers one night and i realized i could just bake sliced potatoes and we could eat chips with our burgers!! also, we made many chicken, tuna, and egg salads with some of our homemade mayo (this is the best recipe for this stuff!!) i never even liked mayo until we made our own. so fluffy and delicious!

3. TRY NEW THINGS: if you have a salad for every meal you are going to want to give up day three. so mix things up. buy new kinds of meat at the store – like lamb or ground turkey or salmon and experiment a bit (and look up recipes).  try new veggies and new fruits. find a local food co-op like bountiful baskets – you sign up for basket and you don’t know what fruits & veggies you’ll get but it is exciting to see what you get each week!

these three things were huge in our whole30 adventure! it carried us through the thirty days. and even now as i write this post i am eating a bowl of apple sauce with cinnamon and raspberries. this beats a bowl of ice cream (fills so much better in my tummy) and satisfies my sweet & cold craving before bedtime.

on that note,
happy eating & healthy living!

what are your tricks of the trade?

Author: Oak & Oats

  • homemade mayo?! ok this one is going on the list for sure

  • Love this look 😉 especially the shirt folded over the cardi!!

  • my husband is driving nuts trying to start this. you have motivated me! lol
    he is going to be one happy man 🙂

  • I have a friend who is doing this!! I'm really interested in it.

  • love your sweets alternative – i love my treats! thanks for sharing 🙂

  • I need this motivation! Thank you! I should try that, you look AMAAAAAAAAAAZING!!

  • Angie

    The only thing I think people miss on the whole30 is to NOT find ways around the challenge. They don't want you to snack or have a dessert or find "loop holes" in the food list.