review // conscious box

i took the jump and joined the crowd in ordering box subscriptions. in honor of the whole30 and healthy living i thought that conscious box would be a great fit! i received my first box in the mail this week and i wanted to share with you my reaction.

Conscious Box Review from elizabeth mayberry on Vimeo.

LOVED the toothpaste! i love natural products that also work well!

UNSURE of the dream water sleep and relaxation shot… it makes me feel like i am taking an energy shot except the opposite. i don’t like energy drinks at all so i am nervous to try this but it must be healthy because it came in the box?

OVERALL: i think it was worth it! it comes with tons of coupons and extra goodies and it is just fun trying new things that are also good for the environment and you. i cannot wait to get the next months in the mail! get your own here.


Zu-Kay Live Foods
Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Tablets
Somersaults Cinnamon Crunch
Ethical Electric Renewable Energy
Yes To Cucumbers Natural Sunscreen
A.Vogel Herbamare Original
Dream Water Sleep and Relaxation Shot
BIJA Gentle Senna Tea

Author: Oak & Oats