1000 gifts // chapter six

it continues. the book club. because book clubs are cool. just ask meg. she will tell you. we are currently reading through 1000 gifts. and if you want to catch up from the beginning, i encourage you to start here. every friday we encourage you to link up with us – share your gift list, talk about the book, talk about what the Lord is teaching you (even if you are not reading the book!) we want to hear from you. because this book club is all about community.


last night i drove across town to spend some sister time with my sister in law. mother of four beautiful children. beloved wife to my big brother. faithful prayer warrior on their behalf. fighter, believer, hoper. i wrote about their adoption story here and it is a beautiful story. and now i have to post a picture of their family because i just want you to see how cute they all are:

Joyana Jensen

anyways, back to my coffee date with my sweet sister – we sat there for hours. stayed up past our bedtimes. we talked about kids, responsibilities, going to bed and waking to do the same thing again. laundry. dishes. meals. we talked about husbands, patterns, dates, memories, and dreams. we planned dream vacations and discussed pros and cons for homeschooling. we teared up. we shared our hearts. we laughed. life is beautiful. and life is hard.

in reading the chapter this week i wondered about all this:
“how do you open the eyes to see how to take the daily, the domestic, workday vortex and invert it into the dome of an everyday cathedral? could i go back to my life and pray with eyes wide open?” 
(page 120-121)

how in the day to day can we see life as a beautiful cathedral? how can we see His glory in the midst of impatience? in the midst of self-doubt? in the midst or a life full of believing lies about our identity? in the midst of the daily? the boring? the stressful? how can we see beauty in this world? a world marked by its Creator. marked with the mark of beauty? how can i see the beauty in creation when i cannot see the beauty in me – one of His unique and beloved creations?
is living in His beauty really all i long for?
” the art of deep seeing makes gratitude possible. and it is the art of gratitude that makes joy possible. isn’t joy the art of God?”
(page 118)

i want to see deeply. to look for beauty everywhere – 

55. the laugher of best friends across the coffee shop
56. sunlight pouring through tall windows
57. the sounds of coffee brewing
58. the grain of wood forever remembered in long wooden table tops
58. the coos of a baby
59. the buds on the branches
60. the comfort of cotton

it is only when i deeply see that i can awaken to beauty. in me. in others. and in life. and i suppose that is a thing of habit. to train yourself to be on the lookout. to place my hope and trust in the most beautiful of all. to see the good, the beautiful, the perfect, the pure in the midst of a dark and broken world.

61. the sound of the doorbell
62. face prints on the windows
63. people coming together
64. starbucks giftcards
65. breakfast making husbands
66. scruffy beards
67. snowmelt puddles
68. mint gum
69. hope that He has overcome
70. new breakfast eateries
71. happy hour with the girls
72. smiles from strangers
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Author: Elizabeth Mayberry