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last friday night (and everyone began humming katy perry) my husband and i were talking about healthy living and we were a little overwhelmed by all the junk food we had been consuming. we knew we had to make a change because our twenty something bodies would not keep up with the teenage boy diet we were rocking of hot pockets, ice cream, candies, ramen, bread, and eating out at least 5 times a week!

the thing is that my husband is a pretty big guy. i say big and not fat because he is big and not fat. he is like football player big – 6’3″ 250lbs. the kind of big that can pick me up and throw me on the couch just like i was a chid’s toy.  because of that, he is prone to high blood pressure. i (on the other hand) am a pretty small girl. i don’t really work out as much as i should so that leaves me pretty squishy, but i don’t really feel the need to work out or eat better because smallness is in my genes. i also kinda snack all day and never really end up eating real meals (especially since i do not cook) and i drink way to much coffee.

SEE -THIS WAS THE PROBLEM we were watching ourselves create unhealthy eating & living habits. sooner or later bruce’s muscle would turn to fat and all the butterfingers i ate in the car would start turning to larger pants sizes. we both turn 25 this year and figured it a good time to do a health check.

so bruce found this cleanse online (recommended by so many of our friends) called the whole30 & we started saturday morning. we call it the dino diet. we can only eat what the dinosaurs do (or did) – meat, veggies, nuts, and fruit. the elimination of dairy, wheat, soy, and sugars acts as a reset button for your stomach & intestines. the idea is to be very strict these 30 days, making sure to fill up on protein and veggies, and then when the 30 days are over you slowly introduce the other things into your diet. BY THEN the goal is that you have changed your destructive eating habits, restarted your digestive systems, and think about food in a new light.


if you have been following me on instagram, you may have noticed that my feed has been blowing up with food pics. and those of you who read this post know that cooking is a skill i have yet to master but this dino diet has inspired me to really just give it a go.

i have always been overwhelmed by recipes because they are just packed with rules. this much of this. this much of that. put this in now. don’t do this. never put this in first.. bla bla bla. i just cannot handle someone on my back that much so i give up and ask bruce if we can go to Chic-fil-a.

now that i know i cannot just give up and go to our favorite eatery (because we would not be able to find anything on the menu to eat!) i have been pushing through my fears. and by pushing through i just mean i spend some time here at Melissa’s blog looking at delicious food and then i come home and experiment. ask my husband and he will agree, i have probably made the best five meals these last couple days than any other time during our marriage or lives really. and i am not following recipes so i am actually having FUN!

i am having so much fun that i might even start sharing some recipes on this blog! this is big news people and definitely what is inspiring me these days. bruce also told me that i needed to blog about our dino diet so that we would have accountability and we would not be able to give up a couple days in! lol.

so here i am. here is my whole30 journey. here are some amazing recipes i discover.

being real & pursuing health (in more ways than one).

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Recipes would be awesome! I'm not doing whole30, but my hubs and I are starting to eat super super healthy–no wheat, lots of raw veggies, etc. It's fun and makes you feel good, but sometimes salads get a little old, ya know?

  • You got this, girl! Way to go. You have alsmot inspired me to start this with my hubs. -alsmost-

  • you go, girl. i'm proud of your cooking skillz. πŸ˜‰ and heck yes, put some recipes up on here! i'll try them out πŸ™‚

  • If you haven't read it, The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide by Robb Wolf has some fabulous resources and tips for buying and cooking that fit with the Whole30 way of eating. Stick to it! You'll do great!

  • You go girl!! I have wanted to try something like this for awhile but my husband is not really into it. He's all about the healthy eating, but isn't wanting to try these types of cleanses and what not. I don't want to do it alone though, much easier if you have a partner! I do most the cooking though, so I might spring it on him secretly?? Haha

  • Proud of you both (y'all*…I guess I live in Tennessee now) The whole 30- though the last 4 days were disrupted by that darn fire- was wonderful for me. Excited to hear how things go! Today's letters recipes really helped me out.