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today i took a half day at work and had a little SPRING BREAK of my own with my baby sister who is home from college for spring break this week. (btw. for all of you trying to guess our age order here, the correct answer is elizabeth, rebecca, sarah. i am the oldest and the redhead beauty is the youngest. we also have a little brother who is the best! he just never makes it into the girl photos. lol) we thought a little drive to denver for some shopping endeavors would make for the perfect sister adventure and would even allow for some les mis sing-a-longs.

i would not say that i am a shopper but my husband probably would. i do enjoy the occasional walk around the mall but i am more so the girl who figures out what she wants, gets it, and leaves. i move fast, make plans, and live life on a budget. my sister sarah is the wandering type. she can look through endless piles of goodwill clothes with perfect patience and pull out some unbelievable finds. she sees things with artistic eyes and inspires me to slow down. she makes shopping fun & inspiring. and good conversations are likely to flow out of a healthy, inspiring, stroll!

// GAP //

// IKEA //

we enjoyed picking up a few things for ourselves, picking up a few things for our homes, and dreaming BIG with a lot of things. you do not have to buy everything you see to be inspired and create new spaces – just a little creative trip and a few key pieces can take you a long way.

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • I wish I had a little sister to take the town with!! It looks like you two had a great time!! I'm saving up for a record player too! Aren't they pretty? =)

    I love that mint dress I see you have on! =)


  • gosh. we are so alike.
    a. because we alwasy buy the same clothes.
    b. because i'm not the wandering shopper either. i always go in with a plan πŸ™‚

    LOVE that ikea couch and that pillow.

  • I love everything you guys bought!! I'm somewhere in between you and your sister…normally I'm in-and-out, but sometimes I just get in the mood to browse and find unique things. This post makes me miss shopping with my little sister!

  • I agree with Chloe – that mint dress is super cute!

  • this looks like SO much fun! i love shopping–and gap and ikea are two of my absolute faves πŸ™‚ doesn't hurt that you got to spend time with your sissy while doing it!

    grace & love,

  • Oh how fun! I am really due for a fun shopping trip πŸ™‚

  • My sister is my favorite shopping partner too! I love the flowered dress you have on! Super cute.

  • record players are an excellent thing to save for! I am vinyl obsessed!

  • thanks for your comment on my blog! i'm in colorado too. i was reading your about section, and i'm interested in your job. sounds like an amazing place to work. look forward to knowing you more!

  • Amy

    Such cute outfits!
    I would LOVE to add a chaise onto my karlstad couch…maybe one day.

  • i love the bright gap colors. you girls did good! i love successful shopping trips.