1000 gifts /// chapter two

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chapter two: a word to live & die by

Charis // Grace
Eucharisteo // Thanksgiving
Chara // Joy

” A triplet of stars, a constellation in the black. A threefold cord that might hold a life? Offer a way up into the fullest life? Grace, thanksgiving, joy. Eucharisteo. A Greek word… that might make meaning of everything” (pg. 33).
as i sit down to write this post it is past my bed time and i have work in the morning. i have been so distracted. by life. by laundry (op! i just remembered i need to switch it over), cooking meals, cleaning up, hanging up my clothes, applying for a new passport, writing friends, work, wife duties, making time for friends & family, running errands, grocery shopping, getting gas, watching the budget, finishing the taxes, researching affordable plane tickets…. the list goes on. want to know something that i don’t want to admit? i put Jesus on the back burner. thursday morning was my first quiet time in too long (at least a couple weeks) and even though i knew in my heart that i NEEDED some living water, i almost skipped it.
when i run on empty i am a crank. i stress about little things. i feel like i am always running around. i space on names and places. i stand people up. i make promises i cannot keep. i snap at my husband. and i try all the more to make myself feel better and fix it all alone. 
i realize that this is a book club and we are talking about chapter two but that is just it. this is my chapter two. i fail to give thanks as much as i should. and i so desperately fail when i feel i have no reason to be thankful. want to know someone who’s life was marked with being thankful even in not the best circumstances? Jesus. yes, sunday school answer for sure but that is the man i aspire to grow more and more like each day. He thanked the Lord at the communion table the night He was to be taken to hang on a cross. He had joy in His heart. He understood something that is deeper than what our eyes can see.
“how do we live fully so that we are fully ready to die?” (pg. 29) 
we can easily choose to just try to make it in life. to get through things and end up okay on the other side. to close our heart off so that pain cannot touch us. to get caught up in the day-to-day that we don’t think or live for anything else than the pillow awaiting our heads each night. but what kind of life is that? 

i want to find joy in new recipes and healthy eating – treating our bodies as temples to be cleaned and taken care of. i want to find joy in the details. in to-do lists and life. i want to enjoy giving my husband the gift of a delicious meal or a clean house. i want to wait up thankful for new mercies and fresh starts. i want to be thankful for snow even when it is officially spring. i want to grow closer and closer to my Father by constantly singing His praise and speaking His language. He came so that we might have life to the full. 
like the story in Luke 17 when Jesus heals the 10 lepers to wholeness. only one comes back and thanks Jesus. that one Jesus also saves. He not only restored his body to wholeness but his life, his heart, and his soul as well. 
i do not want to miss out on the gift of wholeness that Jesus wants to lavish upon me because i am too distracted to notice His blessings and gifts. i want to live in grace, joy, and thankfulness. a life marked by seeing His finger prints and praising God even in the midst of unfavorable circumstances. 
i chose thankfulness over bitterness.

click here to see my growing list of thankfulness & link up with us – tell me that i am not the only one on this journey to a more meaningful life. 

Author: Oak & Oats

  • ohh this is so good! that's the story of my life- just struggling to appreciate where i am and always wishing for something else, something different. loved this post! can relate in so many ways- and its always lovely to realize you're not the only one.

  • Beth, Thanks for visiting and following our page, Josh and I are following you on bloglovin now! Also thank you for this post. I need to be reminded to have a thankful heart always, and just this morning at breakfast duty I was complaining to my principal about how much I had to do… and really my list of things is good stuff; yearbook (how great is it that I have a job), renewing my passport (because I get to go on a honeymoon) finishing a mural( I get to make art for my job) and paying our DJ and florist( because i get to marry the man on my dreams) Thank you for reminding me that in all things I need to be joyful! Sorry for the novel post! xo Lauren of http://www.cornwellfam.com

  • I like you, Lady. SUPER cute blog! I keep wondering about the Passionfruit ad stuff…are you happy with it??

  • lady, you encourage and inspire me. so glad to be on this journey with you.

  • "how do we live fully so that we are fully ready to die?" (pg. 29) I love this!! Thanks for sharing this with us, even though I'm not reading the book with you I still get inspiration from your writing about it.

  • Love this and that quote on living fully. That is so true and yet something that I struggle with on a daily basis. Thank you for reminding me to choose joy and gratitude over bitterness.

    And I love that word chara. It might just be a new fave future (way future!) baby girl name of mine! 🙂