french press mornings

and this time i am actually not talking about my coffee! i wanted to wait until wednesday to show you this but i just couldn’t wait that long 

& saturdays are good mornings for sweet reminders…

french press mornings
sweet jenny of french press mornings, who obviously knows one of the essential beginnings to an amazing day (french presses & Jesus) started a beautiful Wednesday tradition of helping herself and her readers hide His words in our hearts. she gives away FREE printables every wednesday! best. 
HOWEVER due to my lack of access to amazing printers, i just buy her prints. i knew i needed this print in my home the moment i saw it. she has a huge discount on her wednesday truths because she wants Truth to hang on walls everywhere. she shines!
do you need this reminder? i know i sure do (did you see my post yesterday?!?!) He is calling you. to Him. to His heart. He wants to carry your burdens. He wants to give you rest. will you let that happen this saturday morning?
i know saturday mornings can be busier than a weekday morning at times. remember this:
rest isn’t the stopping of movement, it is the stopping of striving…

my best advice? find five minutes. at the kitchen table, snuggled in your favorite corner of the couch, locked in the bathroom, where ever you need to go and rest. spend those minutes talking to the Father, crying out to Him, meditating on Matthew 11:28-30. ask yourself “what am i striving for?” “what load am i caring?” be honest with yourself and lay it at the feet of your savior.
ps: don’t forget about the GAP gift card giveaway! i want you to win!

Author: Oak & Oats

  • I love it! Beautiful idea.
    I really have enjoyed your site.
    Have a wonderful weekend & God bless!


  • Yes- rest is such a hugely important part of the day!

  • I love this idea andddd the printable. So important to get a little Jesus to start your day off right.

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Love that thought – that rest is just the stopping of striving. I've had to learn a lot about rest this past year as I've dealt with some sudden anxiety issues. But man, when I take time to do it – to really rest in the Lord – it is so, so good.

    Look forward to following more!