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Beth Mayberry-39
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Welcome to my little space of the internet which I lovingly have claimed as Oak + Oats! This place has been around since the summer of 2010 and in those years it has changed a lot. This girl has been around even longer that that (since the 80’s) so if you are interested in the back story/ where to begin, you are in the right place.


I went to Eagle Lake Camp and met my future husband (and also my best friend.)We were high schoolers and couldn’t even dream about where that friendship would lead. That summer changed my life in such sweet ways. Eagle Lake became a huge part of my heart & story.


I transferred to John Brown University where I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Family and Human Services. These were some of my favorite years and I learned & grew in so many ways. The people I met and the memories we created (shout out to Delta Mu) will never be forgotten.


I started this little blog while I was studying abroad in Northern Ireland with most of my BFFs in college. Talk about #timeofmylife. This is my first post and it is pretty silly because I had no idea what I was getting into!


Bruce & I started dating. Up until this point my blog was pretty emo (and if you read this post and the post around it you will see that it kinda still was). I used my blog during this time as a way to process what I was learning and feeling. I would write when I got home from class or in the middle of the night – it all just depended on my mood. I obsessively read Today’s Letters and that is when I starting seeing that a blog could be a work of art! I added pictures but had no idea how to edit them or size them. It is always funny looking back!


We got engaged! and we got married – in less than three months! I am a huge proponent of short engagements (so feel free to chat with me if you are debating wedding dates!) After we got married in August, I turned back to my blog and started blogging regularly. Up until this point, it was super random and I would go months without blogging.


I took a plunge and started talking my blog seriously. I changed this blog name from Until Only Love Remains to Oak + Oats and went through a whole rebranding. I wanted to put purpose and thought into a blog that started out as an online diary. I started organizing posts, learning how to use a camera, and exploring my creative side!


I started a series of posts focusing on Blog Tips. It is where I organize all of the posts I have written about my blogging journey including tips & tricks I learned along the way! I have learned a lot in the past four years of blogging and it is my joy to share with you what I have learned!


I made the move from Blogger to WordPress. It was crazy, stressful, and completely exciting. I starting putting some of my big dreams into action and began offering consulting and starting work on some e-courses to share with you! Each day is a journey and I love being on this road with you!
You can also catch up on old posts easily when you click on the my categories at the top, use the search box on my sidebar, or scroll through the archives at the bottom right!

xoxo, elizabeth