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Art into Stickers

I’ve been looking into all kids of things I didn’t before now that I have an etsy shop. Custom Stickers, Custom Pins, Custom everything fills my google searches! It is fun to find new brands to partner with on my small business journey but to also just discover great new brands!

Sticker App is one of those brands I discovered on instagram (because it is my fav place to find new brands!!) and I kind of love the idea of making stickers. Now, while I make a bunch of stickers with my logo for packaging my shop stuff – I wanted something a little more fun!

So I turned my art into stickers! I have a couple water colorings of succulents from a fun day of painting (side note: I should make the time to do more for fun but it is hard when there is always work to be done!!) and thought how fun would this be?!?!

I got the adorable mini size (so they are 1 inch) and I want to hug them all. I gave my niece one of each and she said and I quote “these are the cutest little plants EVER!” So not only this 29 year old but a 6 year old also was pumped about turning art into stickers! Want some of your own? Order them here!

PS: Now that I have a bunch of adorable little stickers, I am going to start sending them out in every etsy order!! So order now for cute stickers with your Oak + Oats products!! XOXO

  • That is adorable! This would be fantastic for planners!

  • This is such a cool thing! I didn’t even know this WAS a thing! I’m thinking this might be really fun to try out when my daughter’s art starts becoming a little more like recognizable shapes rather than just scribbles 🙂

  • StickerApp is literally the best!!!!!! That’s what we use on the backs of Wild Cedar Co. signs!