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Fotostrap & Blasts of Blue

Turns out my favorite color is blue. HA! But really, I love how blue matches everything in my closet and makes me look good (two of my Capsule Wardrobe rules!) This is another go to summer outfit of mine – chambray button up (I have several button ups that I love – all from Gap!) and jean shorts. I typically am also always wearing my Chacos on the weekends! They are my weekend shoes because no matter where I go, I know I can always be prepared! Hike after dinner? Check! Afternoon walking around downtown? Check! Spontaneous trip to the mountains for a picnic? Check!

I am also showing off my brand new FotoStrap! Isn’t it so darn pretty? The Cobalt one is new to the shop and I figured that was the one that I needed! We had to break out my old camera to get pictures of this outfit because my new one was already connected to my adorable camera strap.

You also should notice that it says my name! This is my jam! I am the kid who always had to write her name on everything because I misplace things all the time – hopefully I will never misplace this, but if I do, my name is all over it!

GREAT NEWS! Fotostrap loves Oak + Oats readers so much that they wanted to give you all a deal because they know that you will love this strap! If you use code: “Oak+Oats+Fotostrap” you can get a free monogram, name, or logo design on your shoulder strap! (expires July 24th so hurry!) This is pretty much brilliant and all you people who have photography businesses should do this because it would be so cool to have your logo on your camera for photo shoots #amiright?


(they probably have a Fotostrap that will match your daily wear! Don’t forget the code: “Oak+Oats+Fotostrap” for your free monogram )

  • Cute cute cute! The shirt is adorable – pelicans!

  • I love that strap! I need to look into them 🙂 Also, I didn't know you had your rook pierced! Did that hurt?! And your shirt, I just love it!

  • Love the shirt! I find myself wearing a lot of grey. For some reason, the color just seems "comfy" to me no matter if it's a soft t-shirt or a fancy dress.

  • Hey, good choice of shirt. 😉
    Also, I love that strap. Like really really. It's on my wishlist!

  • My graphite Fotostrap is on the way as we speak, super stoked!!! And yes, monogrammed as well 🙂

  • Love the colour and the leather accents. I just made one but otherwise, I'd be seriously tempted .This might be a great present for any photographers I know and the monogram is the best part!!

  • That's such a cute fotostrap! I may need to get it for my photography friend!! Blue looks great on you 🙂

  • I have been looking for something like this for about a week now!! This looks wonderful on you. This color rocks!

  • Haley! I have been looking for the perfect one for awhile now and even tired to make my own (it was terrible!) and this is the best I found!!

  • Thank you! And you totally should. It would be the best gift ever!!

  • I love that fotostrap! I think I NEED one! 🙂


  • I am proud of you for making on! I tried to do that and mine turned out – well, really, it did not turn out!! HAHA.

    I know! The monogram really is the best part!

  • Oh! I am so excited for you! I would have gone with that one if I didn't go with the blue!

  • Thanks! I know. I didn't see all the details when I ordered it online at the GAP but I love it!

  • I always forget I have it pierced! I went with my bff when we worked at camp and it was totally spontaneous and $10!! It was a little sore for a week or so but I never notice it anymore!!

    And you totally should look into Fotostrap! Especially with the deal!

  • yes! I have a lot of blue gray too! HAHA got to add in my blue 😉 And thanks! I love this shirt so much!

  • thanks ma'am. couldn't have committed to either without you!

  • So cute!! My go to color is blue too, I think I have taken the comment "you look good in blue!" too far…haha LOVE the chaco's also!

  • That is such a lovely fotostrap. I need to get one myself, so thank you for sharing. Came across your blog through treat yo self link up, you have a lovely blog.

    A Joyful Kind of Life

  • You totally do! They are the best I have found! And with the free monogram code right now it is a good deal!

  • yes! me too girl!

  • Thank so much Rosy! Yes, get one now with the coupon code because you do not want to miss out on the monogram!!

  • You look so cute! I love your summer look! It looks very similar to mine! I love that fotostrap too! So so cute!

  • Kendra Castillo

    amazing! love that color

  • I loooove the color you chose! I keep checking and re-checking FotoStrap and thinking about taking the plunge and just buying a strap. And with a free monogram, that just might put me over the edge. 🙂 Is it comfy to wear? I love the length of it and I also love the idea of getting it monogrammed, too. I just have to decide what I'd want it to say! 🙂

    p.s. I also love that cute chambray top! It's adorable!

  • Kiki!
    Okay. It is the most comfortable strap ever and I have been looking for a long time (I even tried to make my own! yikes!). It feels like it will never break and the shoulder pad is really comfy and does not dig into your skin at all! The free monogram put me over the edge too!! You should just do it!! (and you can also see that you can adjust the length to fit you best!).

    Also, thanks!!!

  • me too! it is my favorite!

  • yeah! summer looks! We can get away with more fabric here in Colorado and I love that!

  • Ooh, that's good to hear! I was worried that it wouldn't be that comfortable and everything but I really love the the length is adjustable and that you can wear it as a crossbody, too. I've been wearing my Canon strap (the one the camera came with) as a crossbody but it's definitely not as cute. 🙂

  • My go to colors are grey, black, white and navy. They make up most of my wardrobe. I love your shirt! The pattern is really fun. 🙂

  • I love how they personalise the strap with your name!

  • this is what friends are for 🙂

  • It's so cute! I don't use my camera strap, the first thing I do when I get a new camera is to take the strap off. I'm weird, I know.

  • HAHA! I am not allowed to take off my camera strap! 😉 and I love to be able to walk around with it!