It’s Baby Season

Those of you who have been following me on Instagram know that it is baby season in my life. We just had three littles join our Bible Study within the past three months! Also, two of my coworkers are prego!! Summertime just always seems like a great time to celebrate the little in our lives whether through birthday parties, birth announcements, or baby showers!

Getting ready for my little sisters Bridal shower has me in the mood to celebrate EVERYTHING! I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Kids & Baby Minted items since Minted is having a sale through Monday for 15% off all Kids & Baby!!! (Also, click here for $25 off your first purchase!! What a deal!! )


Author: Oak & Oats

  • Definitely baby season. I am 32 weeks with baby #3 and have so so so many friends (blog, online, IRL, etc) who are expecting as well. So much fun!

  • Oh goodness, it really is baby season around here. I can't tell you how many new babies have joined the world, or will be soon in my circle of friends. It definitely does not help the baby fever!

  • I've heard SUCH good things about Minted! They seem like they're pretty on top of current design trends.

    My husband and I aren't quite in the "baby season" phase of life with our friends yet…we're all still in the "newlywed" stage! But now I know where to look for fantastic decorations when that season DOES come 😉 Thank you for sharing, Elizabeth!

  • I haven't ever looked at their baby shower invites but MAN they are cute!! My first friend is pregnant right now, actually, and I can't wait to shower her with love! We aren't quite in the baby season stage yet either, still going to weddings after weddings 🙂

  • Rachel! When you click on that link for $25 off your first purchase you can really get $25 off your first purchase! I LOVE them and use them for all my Christmas cards, everything for my little sister's bridal shower, moving announcements, stationary, you name it!

    They are my favorite!

  • and yes! We are in the middle of that stage. our younger friends are getting married and our older ones are having kids! It is also wedding season and we are in two weddings coming up!

  • We are in the middle stages! Our younger friends are getting married (we have two weddings we are in coming up) and our older ones are having kids (three preggo ladies in small group)! We are 26 and content in the middle!

  • HAHA for real. I am still at a good point of enjoying all the babies and being thankful it is not our time yet 🙂

  • It is so much fun!

  • I'm excited for the new stage of our friends being pregnant! It's always a fun time 🙂 With my husband being in school (but he's your age) I think that keeps us closer to the getting married crowd, versus having babies crowd. I am totally content with it too:)

  • How cute!!!!! It really is baby season, isn't it??? 🙂 (I'm thinking you guys should jump on board) 😉

  • LOVE all those sweet new babies! And Minted is seriously the ~Jenna

  • SO glad to find you through my blog!! You are just the cutest ever – and so are the babies! You really can't beat minted card stock!

  • I am totally in baby season and the hubster is not, I could snuggle them forever. I am excited about future babies in our family but am content babysitting and being the cool aunt:) Which is sort of the best!

  • Lol, I remember that point. 🙂 Now its the "I wish we started months ago" point for us. Still with time to wait, I tell ya.

  • Oh girl! I am totally loving cool aunt!! and I play the role well 😉

  • I know! Once you go Minted you never go back!

  • I so agree!

  • HAHAH!

    maybe one day 🙂

  • That totally makes sense! All my coworkers are preggo because they are a good 5 – 10 years older than me! That is what happened in the corporate world! I am the youngest employee 🙂

    I love both seasons because they mean parties & gatherings & gifts and those are three of my favorite things!!

  • It's ALL the seasons! Whoo hoo!

    And THANK YOU for that $25 off link!! A girl can do a lot of damage on that site for $25 😉 I will have to use it when I get business cards for my blog for going to the Influence Conference!!

  • Of course! That is a great idea!!