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Summer Afternoon Smoothie

i have been into smoothies these days and i think a lot of it has to do with it being summer! smoothies can be a lot of things, filling, tasty, healthy, but one of my favorites is refreshing. a breakfast smoothie is perfect for when you are rushing out the door in the morning but an afternoon smoothie is just that – refreshing.

i came home from work last week and needed a breather. i whipped up this afternoon smoothie in less than 10 minutes and took it out to my back porch. i thought about trying to also answer blog emails or even bring a book, but i just sat in the sun and sipped on my smoothie.


– frozen mangos
– frozen pineapple
– raspberries
– juice of choice (i picked grapefruit juice!)
(i also think that you could add a little bit of hard alcohol of choice in it for an adult smoothie!) YUM
1. throw all ingredients in the blender
2. blend
3. pour into cute glass
coffee mug/ glass (really, you can put hot drinks in it!) from Larsen (my favorite coffee shop in Norway)
  • I always have a breakfast smoothie alongside my coffee, but definitely have days where I am maybe eating only smoothies…

    Also, cute glasses! Look just like these ones at a coffee shop I recently discovered:

  • This sounds lovely, it would make a great adult smoothie maybe with a good quality gin :- )

  • You are reading my mind with this smoothie recipe! Sometimes you do just need a little time to unwind and relax with a little refreshing drink and alone time.

  • This looks so tasty! Adding a splash of coconut rum and pineapple juice would make this the best little adult smoothie 🙂

  • OMG! they totally are! I got mine in Norway at a coffee shop! ( They look super similar in style! I love that!

  • Yum!!! I love smoothies and have been drinking them at different times.

  • This looks so refreshing! I will definitely be picking up these exact ingredients on my next trip to the grocery store!

  • Yummmmm! This sounds like the perfect summer drink. I would definitely want this in the afternoon when it's the hottest out.

  • How funny! I will have to ask next time I am there where they came from.

  • yummy! this one looks delish, too!