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I'm so glad you are here. I'm Elizabeth and this is the blog. This is the space I tend to. The place I share my heart and our stories. I pack these pages full of tips, stories, adventures, travels, outfits, and recipes. It's a little bit of everything and a whole lot of me. My hope is that these words & photos would encourage & inspire you. That being here will brighten things at least a little bit. Please stick around & explore. There is something here for everyone! Click through the categories below for more! 

holiday gift guide: for the littles

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2. bow headband – $13
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9. strong & courageous – $14.00
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10. set of burp cloths – $10.80
(discount already applied) 

  • ashley

    Very cute ideas!

  • Amy

    I feel like my uterus just quivered. ok that was weird to say HAHHAHHAHAH I thought of deleting it – but lets be honest, it was my first thought. these are so stinking cute. the feather headband and bow ties – i'm dead. so cute.

  • Megan McIlvaine

    bahaha. you crack me up!! but seriously, i want all of these things for my little kiddos (that i don't have haha)

  • Megan McIlvaine

    love all of this!! one of my faves: that feather headband.

  • Amy

    I'm glad it didn't weird you out 😉

  • my too!

  • hahah! This made me pee my pants! you are so funny. I love you Ams!

  • me too. me too.

  • I love them too!it makes me want babies!

  • Amy

    🙂 I'm glad I can make someone pee their pants, makes all the difference in the world 😉

  • ashley

    lol. Babies are fun!