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I'm so glad you are here. I'm Elizabeth and this is the blog. This is the space I tend to. The place I share my heart and our stories. I pack these pages full of tips, stories, adventures, travels, outfits, and recipes. It's a little bit of everything and a whole lot of me. My hope is that these words & photos would encourage & inspire you. That being here will brighten things at least a little bit. Please stick around & explore. There is something here for everyone! Click through the categories below for more! 

the season of giving

brown paper packaging (source)

the holiday season lasts a good three months for me. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years all create one of my favorite times of the year. truth is, i am a little too lost in the magic of the season. i start listening to Christmas music before it is socially acceptable. i start picking out Christmas presents and wrapping them in beautiful packaging as soon as i can. i dream of snow, scarves, evergreens, and twinkle lights. and as a HUGE tradition girl, i love introducing Bruce to all my traditions, experiencing his traditions, and creating our own. our poor children will have too many holiday traditions to count (Macy’s day parade, large family thanksgiving at the church, black Friday shopping at Target (only), family gingerbread competition, Christmas cookie swap, decorating for Christmas on black Friday,  new ornament every year, Christmas pjs, a stocking for Jesus…and the list goes on)

there are so many things and traditions that revolve around these holidays but i think my most favorite is gift giving. that is why i am truly in love with this season. we have a Savior who came to this world to die for our sins. He showers us with grace and forgiveness and has given the most valuable gift of all. i have SO much to be thankful for – Thanksgiving and Christmas are holidays that remind us of those Truths – we are loved, we are forgiven, we are filled with the Holy Spirit, and we are able to love others deeper and truer with His love in us!

i want to share with you three gift opportunities that i have already on my blog right now and tell you about another exciting one that is coming soon! as i start my gift list for my friends and family, i don’t want to neglect you at all. i have been so blessed by you and this community and i am excited that i can give a little back to you. you deserve it!

1. The Parcel Post Company giveaway: right now i am crushing hard on Nicole’s box subscription that delivers homemade goodies directly to your front door bringing back the excitement and magic of the post. you can enter here for your chance to win a THREE MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION to the Parcel Post Company! hurry now because this giveaway will close on Saturday! you can give it as a gift for the upcoming holidays OR you can pamper yourself with it.

2. Elah Tree giveaway: do you need a new clutch to help organize the mess in your purse? or to throw your make-up in for the day? keep your sunglasses scratch free? or maybe you just need to hide all those tampons you have floating around in your car? what ever it is that you need to hold – you could win one of Elah Tree’s beautiful clutches! enter now for your chance to win!

3. The Great Christmas Exchange: The Great Christmas Exchange is an opportunity to meet new bloggers, readers, and friends; get to know them and give a gift! this is doubly exciting – you get to give a gift & receive a gift. gotta love the holidays! the exchange is open to everyone! anyone can participate. Bloggers, readers, your mom, your sister, you name it, you’re in! This exchange is also open internationally (so fun). It is like one big giant game of Secret Santa! Click here to sign up. signups will close November 18th so make sure you are on the list before then! 

COMING SOON: the Oak + Oats Holiday Gift Guide! I will have five categories – For Him, For Her, For You, For the Little, and Gifts that Give. be excited because these posts will be filled with my favorite gifts with some exciting discounts! i would love to make your Christmas shopping experience just a bit easier this year! and you will be helping the handmade and small business community and that in itself is a beautiful gift! 

  • Megan McIlvaine

    and you get to add somthing new to your thanksgiving traditions…me! i'm so excited for gingerbread houses!! and black friday at target??…i have never experienced this. i'm sure it's totes cray. i'll bring my A game.

  • Linds

    I didn't know you blogged, I've been missing out. Now I'm going to follow you on all social media fronts because I love what you have here, what a beautiful place. Now I need to find more time and a cup of coffee to peruse around. Happy day to you!

  • I love gift giving too!! Sometimes I get way to carried away with my gifts, I have to hold myself back. But it's not just that – I love baking for people (if the cookies turn out right), and helping others! Tis the season!!

  • oh meg. so excited to add you to the traditions!!

  • and target is not too cra cra. that is why we go. we don't like the walmart or toys-r-us holiday scene….

  • 🙂 oh! I am so excited! you are far too sweet. i also just discovered your blog because i just discovered my sister-in-law had a blog. all the blogs coming out of the woodworks!

  • yes! there are so many things we can give that do not cost money – time, care, energy, homemade 🙂 what a beautiful thing!

  • Stalking for Jesus?!?!? What on earth is that??? Haha.

  • Christmas traditions (or just traditions in general) are awesome and I love all of the traditions you've got going! I've never been Black Friday shopping before, but I could totally see just hitting Target and Target alone–definitely the only store I'd probably ever hit on Black Friday!

    And I'm excited about your gift guide! I've been loving all of the gift guides I've been seeing on blogs so far and could always use some gift ideas for friends and family (or me, too!). 🙂

  • haha! good catch! I always wrote stalking instead of stocking! i don't even realized it 🙂 oops!

  • Oh, got it! It set out a stocking for Jesus. 🙂 I honestly had no clue what you meant. Haha.

  • I tend to be a tad crazy and not proof read!

  • yeah! I hope you find some neat things! I have tons of exciting coupon codes to go with them!

  • LOVE this already. that wrapping is perfect.

  • thanks! I so agree 🙂