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house & home // weekend projects

everyone take a deep breath and exhale… it is the weekend! i don’t know what your week (or weekend for that matter) looked like but i am sure ready for a little break! i am planning on grabbing coffee with this sweet lady (my first blog date), hitting up the farmers market, possibly finding some sweet things at yard sales/ thrift stores, and working on a new art wall (see my first one here). while searching for nerdy things on pinterest this week ( harry potter & dr. who) i found this print!

do i need to buy it for my new art wall? yes or no? 
(FYI: my eyes watered when i saw it…!)

Simply Sweet Designs :: Harry Potter Quote

EXTRA CREDIT :: goes to those of you who know a) the characters involved and b) know more of the back story because you read the books!


  • it makes my eyes water too, and i only know about that part because of the movies! but i'm making my way to it in the books 🙂

  • i love that you are a fan of thrifted/yard-sale finds too! i found a small barrel for $2 recently, which is the start of my living room's country-decor theme…and the art wall idea is awesome 🙂

  • that part of the books completely shocked me and then broke my heart. sigh for unrequited love… and i kind of have to vote yes for that on your art wall.

  • GET it!! I absolutely love it, and want one for myself. 🙂

  • Love it! My fiance just finished reading book seven tonight. I read the series way back when, so I've been dying to discuss everything with him! 🙂

  • elizabeth – i'm a new follower & just wanted to say hi – and i am IN LOVE with this print. one of my favorite quotes of the whole series from one the deepest, most developed characters in all of literary history. (:

    also — how much do you recommend dr who?! (i need something new to watch!)

  • I love that! My husband is on book 6 right now, and I can't wait for him to get to that part in 7!